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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense

If you are facing foreclosure, find out what are your legal ways to help solve your case. If you are at risk of being delinquent in your mortgage payments or you have been already notified by the lending bank our law firm in New York and New Jersey is ready to defend your rights.

Any family wants to lose their home because it is one of the most important investmet in life and always want to protect it. However, the possibility of losing your home through foreclosure can be the reality that you are facing today. We understand that the mortgage crisis has brought a dramatic change for many families in the United States because all the irregularities made by banks that affected owners and mostly Hispanic families.

You may also want to sell your home before you lose through foreclosure. In any case it is imperative that you speak with a defense attorney foreclosure experienced and proven results in hundreds of cases. If you received a notice, or have late payments please contact us immediately.

Go one step a head

In most cases many families are unaware of all the procedures associated with foreclosure. There are families who end up on the street before they have been able

 to take action to defend against the banks. The good news is that in the offices of American Legal Counsels we will represent and fight tirelessly to protect its rights as owner. Through various legal means our experience attorneys and advisers, who will accompany you during the process, are in the ability to achieve a favorable outcome restoring hope to those who thought they could lose their home unexpectedly.

In the offices of American Legal Counsels PLLC, we implement all our knowledge and effort to achieve a financial relief from these financial institutions. We are in the capacity to the lender to accept a debt rollover and / or remove the foreclosure altogether.

With extensive experience serving the community we will ensure an aggressive defense from start to finish representing against mortgage lenders in order to find solutions to their situation. Contacting our firm not only gives you the opportunity to talk to one of our experts whenever you need it, but it will help you take immediate action.


Keep in mind

If you receive a Summons and Complaint personally you have only 20 days to respond. If you serve them through other means, then there will be 30 days to respond. Try to contact the attorney who served you foreclosure papers will not be considered as a valid response.

You must file a formal response that addresses each allegation in the lawsuit against you. If you have any defense, you should state them at this time. Verified response to the summons and complaint in foreclosure must be formally recognized by a notary public and notified the opposing counsel and the court.

Attorneys is New York Jersey
Experts in Foreclosure Defense

There are several options when it comes to fighting against foreclosure.
An attorney at our firm can discuss your options and determine which is the most reasonable for your case:

Debt Renegotiation

Is done in order to get a better interest rate or payment terms. The options include: ask the bank to lower your interest rate, extend the deadline for payment of your loan, forgiveness amounts due or penalties and reduce the balance of the amount due. These options are for homeowners who are behind on their monthly payments due to such factors as job loss, illness, medical expenses and other circumstances that prevent you from making the monthly payments to the bank. If you had an increase in the rate of interest or have an interest greater than 5%, we can do an analysis of your loan, communicating with your lender and start a new bank loan negotiation resulting save your home.

Deed in lieu

Is an instrument in which the borrower conveys all interest in real property to the creditor to satisfy a loan that is in default and avoid foreclosure proceedings.
The main advantage to the borrower is that immediately he / she is released from most or all of the personal indebtedness associated with the defaulted loan. The borrower also avoids the public notoriety of a foreclosure proceeding and may receive more generous than he / she would in a formal foreclosure terms.


This legal procedure has a scope that can benefit both individuals and companies. In the United States the concept of bankruptcy is unique because it is considered an order to clean up its financial situation and not as the end. The Bankruptcy Code is a federal law that protects the United States and helps people who cannot pay their debts. In a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, all credit card debts and debts “unsecured” are deleted. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a debtor a chance to pay debts through a payment plan over a period of three to five years.

Short Sale

With a short sale the lender agrees to allow you to sell your home for less than the balance of your mortgage.
Strict negotiations should be conducted with the lender in order to ensure that there remain financially responsible for the difference between what you owe and how much the house is sold.

Foreclosure Defense

Another foreclosure defense is where we attacked the lender up and documentation. Our goal is to keep our customers in their own home for as long as possible while the bank proves its case. An aggressive approach by an attorney can force the lender to accept a loan modification when have refused in the past. We are also in the ability to question the validity of the process of foreclosure.
There are several options when it comes to fighting foreclosure. An attorney at our firm can discuss your options and determine which is the most reasonable for your case.