Criminal Immigration Law

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Know Your Rights in the U.S.
We focus on criminal immigration defense in Long Island City, NY and Orlando, FL

Pagan Lopez Law is known throughout New York and New Jersey for our rock-solid criminal immigration defense. If you’re in trouble with the law as an immigrant in the United States, call our firm right away to speak with a qualified criminal and immigration lawyer in Long Island City, NY. Our firm also has an office in Orlando, Florida.

Why trust us with your criminal immigration case?

Work with a lawyer you can trust when you’re fighting criminal charges in immigration court. Here are three reasons to trust Pagan Lopez Law with your criminal immigration defense in Long Island City, New York:
We care about our clients-we’ll make your case our top priority.
We’re passionate about immigrant rights-whether you’re in the country legally or not, you deserve the best legal support possible.
We’re always available to help-we can work with your schedule, and we serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as Orlando, FL.

Call our office in Long Island City, NY or Orlando, FL today to talk to a criminal and immigration lawyer.