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After going through a very strong financial position and being behind on the mortgage, we were trying to find solution as the bank suggested. Thanks to Pagan Lopez Law my situation took a turn in my favor, the problem of foreclosure reversed getting a favorable modification and according to my budget. Thanks to the team of Pagan Lopez Law for excellence in their work.

Monica B. Rabughini

I am very happy and I really cannot believe what I see because I was about to lose my house. After trying many offers and nothing worked in other companies. We had a last hope and it was when my wife decided that we should try Pagan Lopez Law and to the surprise, they saved our house with an APR and monthly payment. I am also very surprised at the speed with which they acted to submit all documents and accomplish what they promised us. May God bless you.

Manuel Gutiérrez

I am very satisfied with the work Pagan Lopez Law has done. Before I was with other attorneys and never showed me any results, they only wanted my money. Until one of the consultants of the firm explained the whole process, having exhausted all hope of saving my house he made me feel very confident when I met him. The result was a very good reduction and best of all is that I could keep my house.

Carlos Da Silva

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