We Promise You Eliminate Your Debt If You Qualify

The usual stigma associated to the term ‘bankruptcy’ is generally that of a failure. It looked at as a last resort after you have already hit rock bottom, or seen like the worst that can happen to an individual or a corporate entity. However, in the legal realm, bankruptcy is a totally different concept. The term Bankruptcy means a protection from the abuse of the creditor’s power to collect a debt or obligation. Bankruptcy is an incredible power that the debtor can use against the creditors that could, otherwise, leave the debtors in a very difficult situation. In the legal community we call Bankruptcy a “fresh start”. Because after a Bankruptcy  you start fresh, with no unsecured debt and you get to keep most of your personal belongings and you can protect your assets up to a certain amount, depending on certain factors, which means that a Bankruptcy filed on time, can help debtors avoid hitting “rock bottom”.

Come over to our offices for a FREE bankruptcy consultation. Our offices observe the strictest sanitizing protocols and we have the infrastructure to observe social distancing standards to keep us and our clients safe at all times. You can also schedule a FREE telephonic Bankruptcy consultation. We are professional Bankruptcy attorneys and we will solve your creditor problems. We can stop any and all kinds of attempts to collect on a debt or obligation within hours with the filing of a bankruptcy.  

It all starts with a look at your financial situation to determine the smartest move that gets you back to a great financial position. Now remember, you are not alone. We have helped many New Yorkers in your situation. We will show you ALL your options so that you are completely informed and can make the smartest financial decision. We go over your paperwork with you and discuss your best option for debt relief.

 Call now to schedule a FREE bankruptcy consultation.

This consultation is absolutely free, and we will answer any and all questions you may have regarding the Bankruptcy process.  WE HAVE A NEW PROGRAM WITH $0 DOWN TO START YOUR BANKRUPTCY PROCESS. You can start your Bankruptcy process with little to $0 in attorney fees and get the protection of the Bankruptcy code immediately. Of course, at some point, your bankruptcy must be paid for but, you will be surprised on how easy it will be to pay for the attorney fees of your Bankruptcy. Call to see if you qualify for a $0 down bankruptcy. 

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